Really young girls get fuckea a single dimension; this might be useful weapon within that universe but probably not so good at anything else. Episode 1 also gave us the very excellent Podracing game for the N64 posted by hellojed at "/>

Really young girls get fuckea

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Additionally, when the girl picks up a weapon, she goes "Come on, give me something good! Oh that opening desert shot.
The parking ticket is gonna be a motherfucker. I was kinda looking forward to Chewbacca with the robot spider body and ion cannons posted by stargell at 2: It's emblem is a modification of the original Empire insignia, but with more "teeth" if it were seen as a gear. And it's not the same recording as in RTJ, Hamill's voice is older and the clause at the end "you have that power too" is added here. You could almost tell the words were fighting to stay inside his mouth and throat to avoid utterance as they sensed their own shame at existing. The porn parodies I'm sure are already in production will have us covered, I'm sure.
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Star Wars: Battlefront's Live Action Trailer Is Live

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Dogfighting inside the downed Star Destroyer wiped me out. My guess is the former.
Right before that"I have it" presumably Luke pats R2D2 with his mechanical hand. I feel like I should be good enough to not be knocked the fuck over by the nothing-but-nostalgia Han Solo segment in that trailer, but I am clearly not. I think that was the name of the syringe wielding orb in the detention level. So now I'm watching these two trailers. The last genuinely enjoyable movie that he headlined was probably The Fugitive , which was 22 years ago now. It immediately makes me think - battle over, much destruction, someone trying to get on with life in the aftermath. I waited until they came out on DVD.
It's time for the Best Post Contest! Vote by Fantastic flag! Create a category, make a post, join the fun! April 16, I am cautiously optimistic that we may, in fact, be home.
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