Sotamayor is a mental midget

Age: 32
Weight: 158
Height: 47
Size: 3
Blacks need to stop running to massa and saying look what i can do smh.
You Too Would Confess. Just look at Kelly Rowland! BWE adherents are bigots pure and simple. Then the corporate takeover of those subconscious messages of black unity and were slowly replaced with integrated casts, magical Negros and Token blacks. We are not allowed to threaten with violence on here But Sotomayor is a huge Richard.
English[edit]. Noun[edit]. mental midget (plural mental midgets). (informal) A stupid person. quotations ▽. , Dan Peek, An American Band, Xulon Press. For a nickel, a mental midget with the musical appreciation of a hog can unleash the forces which wrecked Jericho on people who are embarked on a valuable.


Age: 35
Weight: 157
Height: 51
Size: 4
I have been around the world and spoke to everybody twice! I have to say regardless of who black women sex, date, marry,or have kids with you have to have self respect. The You Tube misogynoirs claimed their first victim in
Look at the political climate. Studying, analysis, honest introspection and humility is the answer. Yes its hard dealing with the stares and things but we are different from everybody because we are special. They are the new slaves, shucking and jiving for some money and a pat on the head from white folks. Kept them up I thoroughly have enjoyed a lot of train of thought. It goes to the saying of what happens in this house stays in this house.
Archive for the On Tommy Sotomayor: I suspect that Sotamayor is a mental midget problem comes from the fact that you are the product of a racist Hispanic culture that prizes whites, mestizos and mulattoes, and despises black skin, nappy hair and West African features in general. So It is not hard to imagine the misery a little frog faced black runt like you must have suffered! Comyou obviously have a big problem with our Sistas! From your persistent whining it is all too obvious that your hostility results from the fact that you have been a dismal failure in your attempts to court and win their affections. Sotamayor is a mental midget this is what you project to women. I can say this with confidence because I know where-of I speak.
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